Caiman Car Care and Detailing is more than just another new brand trying to find its place in the already saturated car care and detailing market. It’s the culmination of over a decade’s hard work, knowledge and experience from its parent company Ultimotive. They have been specialising in everything car care related for years but have always been the brand behind the brand, and we’re talking world-class names in F1 among others.

Why launch Caiman now?
Caiman had to be everything we wanted it to be, and we had to be confident that everything was in place to deliver the best quality car care chemicals to the trade all over the world. Caiman must be a benchmark brand in the industry, and it has to represent all that we’ve learned over the years. It is only now that we feel that everything has been out in place for it to be everything, we want it to be.

Caiman has a dedicated team of experts with years of experience in the car care and detailing industry and are customer focus driven. We will know what’s right for you and your organisation wherever it is the world. Furthermore, we cover car chemicals and compounds that are a solution for everything from auto car washes to professional detailers.

Why trust Caiman?
The company behind Caiman have been supplying exceptional car chemicals and car care products as a licensee and via white label for 14 years. We know what we’re doing, we know what products work best and in what climates. Caiman can do it all from training to worldwide delivery and all the processes in between. Andy, the MD is very hands-on and involved in every project, Alex, our sales director, is always travelling around the world liaising with customers, ensuring they have the correct training and support. This is not a faceless organisation; Caiman is accessible and motivated to deliver the best service possible.

Is Caiman the right choice for you?
There is no risk attached to using Caiman for your car chemical needs, and we can supply everything from Traffic Film Remover to polishing compounds. Our brochure is extensive and quality-driven. Each product has been formulated to be the best it can be. The Caiman Car Care and Detailing range is the result of years of research and development. Our logistics team are experts in labelling and trade regulations. Caiman is an internationally available range of products that our team are confident will be an ideal solution for your company.

Our MD Andy Smith has this to say about Caiman
“I am so proud of what we’ve achieved with Caiman, I love the packaging, and it’s a credit to our design team, the eye looks out and sees everything. It encompasses everything we wanted the brand to be. It highlights our vision, how we see beyond today and into the future. Caiman is never going to stand still, it will evolve; we will listen to our customers and continue to improve and adapt. An ever-changing world, climate and world economy are challenging for us all but working in partnership with Caiman is the best way for your company to move forward in the car chemical business.”