Collection: Drying Agent

If you are the owner of an automatic car wash business, then it is essential that the customer's car dries as efficiently and as quickly as possible.

A car wash business doesn’t want the customer to drive away having to turn on their wipers so they can't find their way out, this first impression will last and they may feel that they didn't get the clean, shiny dry car that they paid for. A Caiman drying agent can ensure this does not happen.

Caiman drying agents aid in the removal of water from the surface. This is achieved by making the surface of the vehicle "Hydrophobic".

“Hydrophobic” is a word that you will see associated with many quality car care products, any water that is on the surface will try its best to get off of that surface.

In effect, the water beads together trying to decrease its contact with the surface. With a properly prepared hydrophobic vehicle surface, the water will literally explode off the surface while going through the blowers.

Caiman drying agents should always be applied with freshwater or spot-free water (never reclaim water) to avoid residual surfactant that the drying agent would have to overcome.

For an automatic car wash to achieve the best result from a Caiman drying agent it is best applied with both low water volume and pressure. The greater the volumes and pressures, the less of the mixture will come in contact with the surface and active ingredients go onto the floor, not the car.

A Caiman drying agent combined with its Max 32 TFR and foaming high-pressure detergent, will guarantee customer satisfaction for your automatic car wash business.