Collection: Auto Car Wash

Modern Automatic car washes have come a long way, at Caiman we are proud to supply modern systems with professional quality products that complement the substantial investment in the equipment that your car wash business has invested in.

Modern Automatic car wash systems reduce the possibility of damage, offer eco-friendly washing solutions, and deliver a better product in the end.

Automatic Car Washes

  • Uses less water compared to hand-wash
  • Does not require any physical effort
  • Quicker compared to a hand-wash
  • Cheaper compared to hand-wash
  • Relatively detailed undercarriage cleaning

Caiman offers products you need to run your automatic car wash business efficiently and profitably. Their team of experts will know what the right TFR is for you, and which drying agent is suitable for your type of car wash.

The range has been formulated specifically for automatic car wash professionals and trade enquiries are welcome.

Caiman is specialists in exporting car wash chemicals all over the world and their team of experts will ensure all the necessary paperwork is completed.

For international enquiries and pallet prices please contact

Auto Car Wash