Collection: Polishing Compounds

Caiman has an extensive range of polishing compounds that provide the perfect solution for professional detailers and auto refinishers. The Caiman compound range is the culmination of over a decade’s experience in supplying auto refinishers and professional detailers with cutting edge products. Caiman polishing compounds are available worldwide and our dedicated export team ship directly from our warehouse.

Caiman polishing compounds have been researched and formulated to ensure that it covers everything a professional auto detailer and auto refinisher can ever need. The products are clearly labeled for their specific purpose with concise instructions for each of them.

A heavy cutting polishing compound is an essential part of many detailing and auto refinishing processes. The Caiman number 5 course compound is highly abrasive with an outstanding yield, it is fast cutting and ideal for the removal of sanding marks, it has been developed for auto body shop’s and is silicone-free.

The Caiman range includes multiple levels of cutting compounds that allow the user to find the perfect solution depending on the level of abrasive cut and gloss finish that they require. Caiman has been formulated to maximise the efficiency of use with auto polishing machines to compliment users in the busiest of working environments.

The Caiman polishing compound range culminates with the number 60 polish finish wax, this exceptional product delivers an outstanding one-step polishing system that cuts to 3000 grit abrasion and leaves a high gloss finish. It can be applied with an auto polishing machine or by hand and is silicone-free.

The Caiman polishing compound range is the smartest choice for the professional auto detailer and auto body shop.

car compound polishing chart
Polishing Compounds