Collection: Traffic Film Remover

Caiman is a specialist supplier of traffic film removers in both caustic and non-caustic formulas. 

This exciting and innovative new range has been formulating world-class products for international brands for over a decade and has now collated all of this experience to develop this premium range of traffic film removers. 

Traffic film remover is a product that is taken for granted by many manufacturers, not by Caiman, they know the importance of this essential chemical in the car wash sector and beyond. There is a dedicated product available to the consumer regardless of whether they are specialising in automated car washes, hand car washes, professional detailing or auto refinishing. Traffic film remover is the initial process in many applications, the follow on processes are almost made irrelevant if an inferior traffic film remover is applied to begin with. 

Traffic film remover is the first product in our catalogue for a reason, we know the importance and we understand that your company and staff need this to be right. We export traffic film remover worldwide, we understand that different markets and climates need a specific product, Caiman has a solution and outstanding export team that can ship traffic film removers across the globe. 

When you buy traffic film remover from Caiman there is no middle man, no licensing fee, you are buying directly from the source. Caiman is a superior product that offers wholesale customers great value.

Caiman understands that every customer requires a different level of concentrate, they know how important hot and cold dilution ratios are. That’s why they have a range of six traffic film removers. They will have the product you need.

Traffic Film Remover