How To Remove Odours From Your Car For Good

How To Remove Odours From Your Car For Good

Is it possible to get back that ‘new car smell?’ That aroma that you remember but seems like a distant memory.

It could be a smoker, a vapour or a wet dog, but at some stage, your car is going to have unwanted smells that linger.

The good news is that it is possible, read on to find out how to remove those unwanted odours from your car.

Get some air into your vehicle.

The best way to start when removing smoke smells and other odours is to air it out as soon as possible simply. Open all the doors and don’t let those smoke smells linger.

We all carry blankets, coats, and spare clothes in our cars and they all absorb those smoke and dog smells. Take them all out of the car and put them into the washing machine and treat them to some fabric conditioner.

Turn the engine on, set the fan to high and the air con to low and let technology pull that unwanted smoky sell from your vehicle.

With the fan and air conditioning on, spray some Caiman Mountain Fresh Odour X into the car vents. It has a powerful slow-release formula and will distribute evenly throughout the car.

Repeat this process but turn the heat up this time, this simple process will allow the Caiman Mountain Fresh Odour X to work its magic and get rid of that smoke smell, doggy whiff or vaping odour.

Wash and Vacuum to eliminate those unwanted smells

Once you have aired out your vehicle, it’s time to take out your seat covers and floor mats and vacuum the inside of your car. It doesn’t matter what you use, and it could be a handheld vacuum, a wet-dry vac or a household vacuum cleaner with that long nozzle bit that helps you get into tight spaces.

The best thing to clean your fabric mats and seat covers with is Caiman DC Fabric Cleaner. It is a highly concentrated detergent that leaves a unique fragrance that takes away those unwanted smoke smells.
Your car is going to need some elbow grease if it’s going to eliminate those smoke smells and dog odours. Spray the Caiman DC Fabric Cleaner all over the upholstery of the car and then vacuum off and leave the doors open to dry out.

The next stage in eradicating the smoke smell and dog odour is to use Caiman Bright ‘N’ Blitz on the interior dash and non-fabric surfaces. Best applied with a high-quality microfibre cloth. This step will complement what you’ve done with the fabric and leave your hard surfaces shiny too!

Finally, clean the interior windows with Caiman Clear Sight, it’s a smear-free glass cleaner that’s easy to apply and leaves a sparkling finish.

Once you’ve followed these processes, you have given your vehicle every chance of removing those smoke smells and dog odours.

Why choose Caiman products to help remove those unwanted dog smells and dog odours?

Caiman DC Fabric cleaner was formulated for professional use on every type of vehicle. It cleans all kinds of fabrics, upholstery, interior and fabric mats. Furthermore, it leaves a unique and attractive fragrance that lasts. It is the smart choice for removing smoke smells and dog odours.

Caiman Bright ‘N’ Blitz doesn’t just clean it leaves a showroom residue finish. It was formulated to be active on all interior surfaces and negates the need for separate interior cleaners and interior dressing. It leaves a non-stick finish and a bubble gum aroma.

Caiman Clear Sight is the ideal glass cleaner to use at the end of the cleaning process just as you are starting to lose enthusiasm. It’s so easy to use and leaves a smear-free finish which means no repeated cleaning as you can see a bit that you’ve missed. It is the ideal way to finish removing dog odours and smoke smells.

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