How To Remove Swirl Marks From Your Car & What Causes Swirl Marks

How To Remove Swirl Marks From Your Car & What Causes Swirl Marks

First of all, what is a swirl mark? We know they leave your paintwork hazy and it just seems to get worse with time but what are they?

Without getting too technical swirl marks are the culmination of thousands of microscopic scratches on the paintwork of the vehicle. It might be that you’ve seen them referred to as micro marring, which sounds like jargon but only really describes how a swirl mark mars the paint.

Swirl marks are often caused during the car wash process, and they show it up more vividly on black or darker coloured cars due to the reflection of light upon marks.

Here are some things you can do to reduce the number of swirl marks on your vehicle:

  • Don’t use harsh paint cleaners or polishing compounds Caiman Total Cleaner and Polish Finish Wax is a perfect solution.
  • A dirty, worn out or budget chamois does more harm than good. Treat yourself to a new synthetic chamois. They’re not expensive, and it will eliminate so many swirl marks.
  • Clean your microfibre thoroughly after each use or replace it. Please don’t take the risk Automatic Car Washes can cause ultra-fine swirl marks over time, check their website, ask the operators. Look at their social media reviews
  • Polishing machines and buffers can cause more harm than good in the wrong hands, and this is why a professional detailer can be worth every penny.
  • Keep your sponge clean, unrinsed sponges and mitts cause so many swirl marks.
  • Don’t cut corners during the wash process, use a quality product like Predator Wash and Wax and rinse your vehicle thoroughly before and after washing.

Just because you can’t see the swirl marks on lighter cars as much it doesn’t mean that they’re not there, they are just harder to spot. They’ll still dull your paintwork, taking away from that showroom finish.

If you are a dedicated home detailer you can tackle removing swirl marks, remember that in the hands of an amateur a polishing machine and the wrong compound can lead to a costly trip to your local body shop.

A professional detailer will apply Caiman One Step Compound if the swirl marks are very deep, the combination of a cutting compound and a polishing machine will remove deepest of swirl marks. The detailer will then apply Caiman Polish Finish Wax to achieve a deep and full gloss. This process will ensure that the hazing and swirl marks are no longer visible and the paintwork will be left with a long-lasting shine.

Ultimately prevention is better than cure when dealing with swirl marks, careful use of quality products such as those in the Caiman Car Range can significantly reduce the number of swirl marks and hazing. If you get your vehicle cleaned at automatic car washes or hand car washes do some research first. Short term convenience and an instant and temporary shine can and will cause longer-term damage to your paintwork.

Unfortunately, you are inevitably going to have to deal with swirl marks but armed with the right equipment and the Caiman Compound Range a dedicated home user or professional car detailer will get the bodywork back to that showroom finish. Just make sure that you look after that paintwork once it is done.
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