Collection: Interior

When it comes to detailing products for car interiors, Caiman has it covered. This is a high-quality range of interior car products that have been designed for professional use but is also available to buy for the home detailer that wants quality without paying for needless overheads.

Clear Sight is an excellent glass cleaner that is equally effective on the outside as it is the inside.

You have ever wondered how the professionals get things so clean? Multi Magic is a multi-purpose cleaner for your car or commercial vehicle interior.

With everyday use, pets, children or leaving things too long car fabrics and mats can get heavily soiled, not to worry the DC Fabric Cleaner will make short work of it, oh it smells great too!

Whether it’s for you detailing business, your PDI centre or your driveway there is no substitute for that showroom look Bright and Blitz does that and more, it makes your interior surfaces look and smell like new.

Sometimes things can look good but smell awful, Mountain Fresh Odour X eliminates unwanted odours and does so for 30 days!