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Caiman Car Detailing

Coarse Compound

Coarse Compound


A performance heavy cutting compound

Caiman Coarse polishing Compound is high abrasion, silicone free, heavy cutting compound that has been formulated for use by Bodyshops and Accident Repair Centres. It is a highly effective as a post auto spraying cutting compound that can remove sanding grit scratches and marks up to 1200 grit. The heavy cutting ingredients within Caiman Coarse Compound can significantly reduce the post paint process as it removes the sanding marks quickly in the hands of a trained Bodyshop professional. Caiman coarse compound will soon become an essential car care product for the professional auto detailer due to its potency as a restorer of faded or car wash damaged paintwork, and it cuts fast without pre sanding.  This is a superior quality cutting compound that’s chalk and filler free, water based and low dusting.
  • 1 Litres
  • High abrasion and yield
  • Extremely fast cut removal of sanding marks
  • Silicone free


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