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Caiman Car Detailing

Finishing Sealant

Finishing Sealant


Polymer coating for all automotive clear coats. 

Caiman Finishing Sealant (50) is a silicone free total protectant suitable for all automotive clear coat surfaces. It completes the machine polishing process, leaving an advanced polymer coating that has been formulated to be extremely durable and long lasting. This is the ideal to compliment to the rest of the Caiman Car Care cutting and finishing compounds. It leaves an intense deep gloss shine and achieves a cutting edge, hydrophobic water beading effect. This is a finishing sealant that protects against environmental hazards and road contaminants, leaving a fantastic long-lasting shine and silky-smooth touch to the finish.

  • 1 Litre
  • Long lasting protection
  • Superb beading properties
  • Free of silicone and fillers


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