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Caiman Car Detailing

Foaming High Pressure Detergent

Foaming High Pressure Detergent


Hyper concentrate foaming detergent

Caiman Foaming High Pressure Detergent is a hyper-concentrated product created for use on all automatic conveyor, rollover and jet wash systems that is incredibly economical to use due to the low dosage needed for optimum cleaning performance. It is biodegradable, designed to work with all water types in all countries and is formulated to clean without removing existing waxes. Due to its incredibly high level of concentrate, it can be diluted down to reduce the cost per wash significantly. Despite this being a high-value car wash detergent, it is highly effective, and its superior surfactants create a thick surface foam which breaks down dirt and grime. 

  • 10 Litres
  • A hyper concentrate, economical detergent
  • Designed to be used at low dosage for optimum cleaning performance


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