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Caiman Car Detailing

High Active Foaming TFR

High Active Foaming TFR


High foaming traffic film remover

Caiman High Active Foaming Traffic Film Remover is an alkali snow foam used as a pre-soak for automatic car wash system. It is visually impressive, producing a thick foam that not only looks great but removes all dirt and grime. This is a Traffic Film Remover that has been designed for use with snow foam cannons and machines. This blend of snow foam and traffic film remover makes it a popular choice for the UK and international markets.

  • 20 Litres (200 Litres available on request)
  • A concentrated super foam to be used as a pre-soak
  • Produces a thick foam layer which helps remove traffic film and grease
  • Best used as a pre-soak before jet wash and automatic machines


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