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Caiman Car Detailing

Max 32 TFR

Max 32 TFR


The ultimate multi-purpose traffic film remover.

Caiman Max 32 Traffic Film Remover is the smartest choice for car wash operations regardless of size or location. It is Caiman’s most potent traffic film remover and is an ideal solution for the discerning car wash operation, whether it specializes in private or commercial vehicles. Not only is it an incredibly powerful traffic film remover it is versatile and can be used for a variety of car wash businesses. The Max 32 traffic film remover is excellent with high-pressure wash systems and is equally as effective as a pre-soak for international automatic car wash systems. It is a highly concentrated formula and can be diluted to the needs of the business depending on the level of soiling and grime. The Caiman Max 32 traffic film remover has an advanced caustic formula that is safe for all exterior paintwork. It can be used in multiple climates.

  • 25 Litres (200 Litres available on request)
  • Hyper powerful caustic formula with active ingredient
  • Best used as a pre-soak before jet wash and automatic machines
  • For use with hot or cold water and is suitable for all water types


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