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Caiman Car Detailing

One Step Compound

One Step Compound


Removes sanding marks quickly and effectively. 

Caiman One Step Compound isn’t only a silicone free, fast cutting compound; it leaves a gloss finish when applied by a professional user to lighter coloured cars. It has been formulated for Bodyshops, accident repair centres, auto dealerships and auto detailing businesses. Caiman One Step Compound has been designed to utilize advanced diminishing technology abrasives and can remove sanding grit scratches up to 2000 grade. This is a superior cutting compound that can increase the efficiency of your car care business due to it achieving the best gloss finish from a course cutting compound on the market. Time is money in the labour driven auto detailing business. Caiman One Step Compound reduces the times taken to achieve a showroom finish as it leaves paintwork with a gloss finish after the initial cutting process. It’s chalk and filler free, water based and low dusting.

  • 1 Litre
  • High efficiency and high gloss
  • Quickly polishes and produces a high gloss in 1 step
  • Free of silicone and fillers


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