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Caiman Car Detailing

Predator Wash & Wax

Predator Wash & Wax


Concentrated high foaming manual shampoo. 

Caiman Predator Wash and Wax is a silicone-free super concentrated product that has been formulated with highly active surfactants which generate a super thick foam. This is a wash and wax that’s highly fragranced that’s been designed for use for hand car wash operations. It forms an integral part of the car washing process, being used to agitate dirt and grime after the initial pre-soak stage. Caiman Predator Wash and Wax is a premium product that has anti smear agents when drying and its luscious foam leaves a high gloss finish. 

  • 5 Litres and 25 Litres sizes available
  • Silicone free
  • Extra concentrated formula, highly active surfactants producing super foam
  • Great fragrance


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