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Caiman Car Detailing

Sparkle 7 Shampoo

Sparkle 7 Shampoo


Multi use shampoo for all automatic car washes

Caiman Sparkle 7 Shampoo is a multi-use shampoo that is suitable for all automatic car wash systems. It has exceptional cleaning and lubricity qualities used by multiple types of automatic car washes. This is an ultra-high foaming car shampoo that contains a high level of surfactants which break down and removes dirt and grime. Caiman Sparkle 7 Shampoo is designed to work in all conditions and for all water, types making it ideal for national and international markets. Sparkle 7 Car Shampoo’s advanced formula is PH Neutral, biodegradable, Alkali and Acid-free. This is a superior car shampoo that will enhance your automatic car wash business. 

  • 25 Litres
  • Exceptional cleaning and lubricity which suits all types of equipment
  • High foaming formulation
  • PH neutral, biodegradable and suitable for all water types


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