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Caiman Car Detailing

Super HP TFR

Super HP TFR


Caustic free traffic film remover for high pressure 

Caiman Super HP Traffic Film Remover is a non-caustic formula detergent that has been designed to work with high-pressure wash systems. It is a versatile traffic film remover that is effective when used with hot and cold jet washes. This non-caustic traffic film remover is an economical and effective solution for your car wash business. It is the ideal start to your car washing schedule and produces a high foaming pre-soak that removes grime and looks great when applied. A forgiving dwell time that means it is suitable for a variety of car wash operations. Its can be used in multiple climates.

  • 25 Litres (200 Litres available upon request)
  • A safe non caustic formula ideal for high pressure systems
  • Removes dirt and grime from all surfaces
  • For use with hot or cold water and is suitable for all water types


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