Collection: Exterior

Caiman Car Detailing takes all aspects of auto exterior cleaning very seriously. They are specialists in the production of Traffic Film Remover for automatic car washes and hand car wash businesses with multiple solutions at a variety of price points.

Don’t worry, though, there is far more to them then TFR they have used their expertise and experience to put together an entire exterior car detailing and cleaning range to suit your business needs.

There is a full range of professional rubbing compounds, perfect for car Bodyshop’s and professional detailers.

Auto Car washes are more than catered for with a range of car shampoos and drying agents, all of which are the culmination of decades of know-how from the team behind Caiman.

They don’t stop there though, they have premium quality quick detailers, tar removes and bumper gels that are ideal for the car care professional and serious home user. The truth is that whatever you or your auto business requires Caiman have got it covered.